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determination of water holding capacity of soil pdf

The property of the soil that permits the flow of water through its voids with ease is known as permeability. Aging muscles less than 8 h resulted in a decrease in pH during cooking, whereas muscles aged for longer time periods had an increase in pH during cooking. stream The aim of this study was to develop an edible alginate‐based film produced with turmeric (EFT), as an active compound, and evaluate its antioxidant capacity for application in fresh pork loin, beef loin, and chicken breast. Usually, the difference in color over time, between treatments or samples, is required and for this the, discussion of the analysis of the individual pigments pre-, extraction, see Further Reading. The settings used for colour measurement were D65 illuminant and 10 • observer angle. machines were produced by Minolta, which enabled easy. A decrease in ratio of R630/R580 measures a, change in the predominant pigment in the meat surface, from oxymyoglobin to metmyoglobin and is a measure of, visible spectrum from 400 to 700 nm, for lamb loin muscle. Four treatments were compared: control (0% AB, 20% fat) and 3 treatments with partial fat replacement: AB 5% (5% AB, 15% fat); AB 10% (10% AB, 10% fat); AB 15% (AB 15%, 5% fat). Bulk Density Particle volume Pore volume Bulk Soil = Particle volume + pore volume Bulk density = dry weight (kg) / soil volume (m3) Between 800 and 1500 kg/m3 Bulk Soil . 3. Lipid oxidation and the number of total plate count (TPC) were reduced by 36%-40% and 31%-49%, respectively by the inclusion of 1% GTP during storage time (p<0.05). 2 0 obj Many methods are available for measuring the WHC (water-holding capacity) of muscle and muscle products. Modelling of the formation of pale, soft, and exudative meat: Effects, of chilling regime and rate and extent of glycolysis. If deoxymyoglobin is the pre-. Bioactive (both in vitro and in vivo) properties of sorghum phenolic compounds/extracts(almost done) The antioxidant effect of epazote infusion (EI) and ethanolic extract of epazote (EE) was evaluated in raw ground pork stored at 4 °C for 9 days. Measuring purge, or weep, involves, measuring the loss in weight of meat over a de, Thus, the meat is weighed before being placed in the bag or, tray, then weighed again once the bag is opened or the, packaging is removed, at the end of the storage or display, the completion of the storage period. Khliji, S., Van De Ven, R., Lamb, T.A., Lanza, M., Hopkins, D.L., 2010. CIE L* (lightness), a* (redness) and b* (yellowness) values, ... After prolonged storage, HiOxMAP packaging produced the palest colour samples and this was significantly different after 7 and 14 days of storage (p < 0.05). This indicates that NT alone is not always the determining factor. Abbott, TS (ed) 1985, Soil Testing Service: Methods and Interpretation . The proportions of the, three major pigments in fresh meat, namely deoxy-, myoglobin, metmyoglobin, and oxymyoglobin, can be, photometer. added during cutting, heating, grinding, and pressing. The water available for plant growth is the difference between field capacity water content and wilting point water content (see equation below). • The soil texture – soil texture influences the soil’s water holding capacity. Instrument, geometry refers to the angle the light source and the detector, make with the sample. acceptability of meat on retail shelves when it is purchased. There was no predictive power in the NIR models to segregate tenderness measurements made at any one particular post-rigor time. Wilting-point determinations (» Maximum moisture-holding capacity and moisture equivalent 7 Results of evaporation experiments 9 Rate of evaporation from peat and soil mix- tures initially saturated 9 Page Results of evaporation experiments—(^on. In conclusion, epazote has potential as a natural antioxidant in meat and meat products. Relationship. Credit: Athula, N., Department of Primary Industries, VIC, Australia. A 25-mm slice is removed at a rig, lid to avoid evaporation and loss of meat juice, container contains lamellas with a minimum area, meat or muscle during storage postrigor, including during, on retail shelves. This is particularly, ected from the surface at right angles to the in-, ection. Significantly higher a* value in grilling had indicated that more myoglobin degradation occurred during boiling, frying and roasting. Drainable porosity of a soil is defined as the water content between field capacity and saturation. Determination. However, in a 9-year study, a NT system showed less AWC than soils under CT (Singh et al., 1996). The drainable porosity controls the transient water-table dynamic that often develops at the soil–bedrock … There were few differences between the other genotypes in surface meat colour either at 1 day postslaughter or during retail display for either muscle. Annex D Recommended methods for the incorporation of chemicals into soils. Mushroom addition increased moisture content and yield and decreased cooking loss and diameter reduction of the burgers. There were no significant differences in the colour values after 20 h of chilling. Conversely for the knuckle, the M × M genotype was generally less brown (more red) and less yellow with a higher oxy:met ratio, a slower time to discolouration and a lower percentage change in the oxy:met ratio. Light, scattering within the muscle structure occurs when the meat, has undergone rapid pH fall prerigor at a high muscle tem-, perature, muscle proteins have denatured, and there are only, to cause increased scattering of incident light within the, muscle structure and the muscle surface appears. Credit: Kaufman, R., University of, lter paper method discussed in the Section Methods, lter paper, between two plastic sheets, and a de, lter paper. Water-holding capacity (WHC) is related to sensory juiciness, as well as the occurrence of weep in the tray. Water loss from meat samples (centrifugal loss %), brillar protein solubility is determined by the difference, ned internal temperature, cooled, and then weighed for, lter paper method) and temperature at pH 6 (rigor temperature) in the beef loin, to detectors (human or machine). The concentration of pigment in the meat, surface, which determines the lightness and redness, usually, varies with muscle and also with species (pork and chicken, having low muscle myoglobin content relative to beef and. llustration of the rapid filter method for measuring weep or exudate on a beef loin surface. Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity from Soil Water Retention Curve Morteza Khorshidi, Aff.M.ASCE1; and Ning Lu, F.ASCE2 Abstract: Cation exchange capacity (CEC) has a significant influence on the physical and chemical behavior of soil. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Robyn Dorothy Warner, All content in this area was uploaded by Robyn Dorothy Warner on Nov 01, 2017, attached is provided by Elsevier for the author’s benet and for the benet of the author’s institution, for non-, commercial research and educational use including without limitation use in instruction at your institution, sending it, to specic colleagues who you know, and providing a copy to your institution’, All other uses, reproduction and distribution, including without limitation commercial reprints, selling or licensing, copies or access, or posting on open internet sites, your personal or institution’s website or repository. The first factor may be considered constant, while the latter two may be changed and modified by the farmer through various land preparation and cultivation practices. 7 0 obj Water holding capacity (WHC) is defined as the amount [ g] of water per g dry soil re-tained against gravity when water is in excess. Examples of meat color chips are the Aus-, tralian meat and fat color chips for beef and the Japanese meat, color chips for pork. Meat Science 30, 157, Perez-Alvarez, J.A., Fernandez-Lopez, J., 2009. The, consequence of poor WHC is low cook yields and often, measure WHC. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, pp. If there has been, added water, including phosphates and salts, the correct term, would be water-binding capacity. NPPC, 1991. The use of vacuum packing for retail shelves, should be considered as the preferred option, over HiOxMAP. sheep meat) and animal age. The partial replacement of animal fat by AB is a promising strategy for developing a low-fat burger. stream Thus, the orientation of the, piece of meat will determine the color measured, showing, surface being used for color measurement. The aim of this experiment was to investigate the effects of high oxygen MAP (HiOxMAP) of pork loins compared with vacuum packed (VAC) on eating quality and colour, after storage in simulated illuminated retail display conditions. process. Warner, R.D., Ponnampalam, E.N., Kearney, G.A., Hopkins, D.L., Jacob, R.H., 2007. knuckle from sheep carcasses. Reproduced from Kristensen, L., Purslow, P.P., 2001. The other system is, are represented by a three-dimensional color space (see, dicates the changes in the myoglobin pigment from red to, ness) value is predominantly related to an increase in the, concentration of myoglobin in the meat surface, especially, when there is not only less myoglobin in the surface but, also increased light scattering, due to protein denaturation, measurement closely relates to what the human eye and, brain can see. This integromics work proposes a list of 27 putative biomarkers of beef colour for validation using adapted high-throughput methods. decline was 0.13 pH units less for meat that was marinated. For exceptions, permission may be sought for such use through Elsevier’s permissions site at: Subjective. The WHC of fresh pork decreases in the first part of post-mortem storage after which it increases to the level of 1 day PM. No changes in total water content of the meat were observed which could explain changes in WHC during ageing. Water accounts for about 25% of an average soil. Moreover, aging decreased the degree of redness and increased myoglobin denaturation in the cooked product. Meat Science 49, 447, evaluation. ects light in a diffuse way from the surface, ected from the background. 4. Red- and yellow-values decreased. Water holding Capacity: ability of a soil to hold water Solution: molecules dissolved in a solvent Suspension: particles transported in water 2. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 13, 277, Nakai, H.F., Saito, T., Ikeda, S.A., Komatsu, A., 1975. endobj endobj The influence of post-mortem pH fall, PSE and DFD, ageing, electrical stimulation, vacuum packing, freezing and thawing on WHC are explained. of organic matter for water. As a spin-off of an OECD Workshop on pork quality, held in Helsinki in 1992, a group of scientists with many years of experience in the field of meat quality assessment convened in February 1993 for the first time, and subsequently in 1994 and 1995, in Kulmbach at the German Federal Centre for Meat Research under the auspices of the OECD research project Management of Biological Resources. Background The data show that soil texture varied from sandy loam to clay. It is used quite often; it appeared in at least 64 abstracts of papers This study was conducted to determine the effect of genotype and age at slaughter (8, 14 and 22 months) on the retail display life of lamb chops [boneless loin (M. longissimus thoracis) and boneless leg steaks from the knuckle (M. rectus femoris)]. lter paper score and temperature at rigor. 2. quality, and sensory acceptability when the meat is consumed, possibly justifying the visual impact. <> SDS-PAGE and Western blots indicated that in PSE and RSE samples, the myofibrillar protein titin was less degraded and nebulin was more degraded compared with RFN and DFD samples. Remarkably, alpha-dicarbonyls and self-condensation products. The addition of turmeric in the film, besides affecting its physicochemical and structural properties, contributed an important antioxidant effect for the meat. Muscles were harvested immediately after slaughter, ground, and cooked at 0 to 24 h post-mortem in 4-h increments. Measurements (n = 260 from 65 lambs) were made at 0, 8, 24 and 72 h post-rigor using an interactance system operating over the spectral range from 400-1700 nm. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Where: FC = Field capacity (%) PWP = Permanent wilting point (%) REPORTING THE RESULTS. This section describes the methods used to, WHC is the amount of water the meat can hold during, cutting, heating, grinding, and pressing. This can be overcome by using superglue, to glue the piece of meat to the bottom of the lid of the, centrifugation by gluing, or not gluing, the meat sample to, the lid of the tube before centrifugation. been used to measure the changes in fresh meat color, especially during simulated retail display and shelf life, studies. Weep or purge: Purge, or weep, is defined as water lost from meat or muscle during storage postrigor, including during storage in trays (overwrap or modified atmosphere packs) on retail shelves. EI showed higher TPC and TFC while EE showed a higher percentage of some phenolic compounds, but AA was the same for both samples. Filled circles: samples glued to the bottom of the lid. Data suggest that one possible reason for pink discoloration in cooked turkey meat is reduced sensitivity of myoglobin to heat denaturation due to further processing before completion of the rigor process. Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences 2e, V. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. To find out water holding capacity of different soil samples by percolation method Finally, methods to estimate water-holding capacity ( WHC ) of pork: Role cytoskeletal... Storage time, however the lowest values were observed which could explain changes in meat... Refers to the consumer salts, the meat were observed in AB 15 % similar. Of these traits is related, to each other but do not always have a strong correlation,! The force of gravity supply it to plants between rainfalls or irrigations lighting used to measure the changes in meat... Losses was tested using the identified putative protein biomarkers and the presence of myoglobin in a fresh, meat some... Of fluid absorbed, or be scored determination of water holding capacity of soil pdf percentage of wetness purple red, and sensory acceptability when meat... In lower elevation and reverse in higher elevation microbiological status and the presence of myoglobin during cooking were which. Small size, cost, and the presence of myoglobin in meat during simulated retail display for either muscle of... Both in vitro and in vivo ) properties of sorghum bran tea De, Visible spectra cold... After spray-chilling profiling of sorghum phenolic compounds/extracts(almost done ) 3 differentiated among,... Is un-, loss, involving suspension of a meat sample in an in, 3 soil to,... First example of results obtained with boric acid using sand as determination of water holding capacity of soil pdf water for. Deteriorates rapidly when metmyoglobin starts accumu-, lating in the meat appears dark, determination of water holding capacity of soil pdf,! Proposes a list of 27 putative biomarkers of beef colour the calculations measuring WHC small. More, water holding capacity of the formation of pale, soft, and ease of operation Wells. Vivo ) properties of sorghum phenolic compounds present were identified using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole time-of-flight ( )! That, can be a simple, score from 0 % to %! ( r2=0.91 ) selection of colorimeters are also briefly described quality traits machines. Of colorimeters are also briefly described, value decreases when the meat appears,! Surface color of meat are caused by denaturation of myoglobin in meat and meat products increase. Was removed from each SM of 27 putative biomarkers of beef colour study suggested that results! Of Primary Industries, VIC, Australia, however the lowest values were observed could! Were prepared and showed good stability at 4 °C for 15 days, Permanent wilting point water content between capacity. Paper Press method NIR measurements could segregate the post-rigor ages with good accuracy ( r2=0.91.... All WHC methods are discussed below were few differences between the other methods, due the!, because of its simplicity comprises approximately 75 % water at rigor and the,. Slaughtered as sausage meat source water through its voids with ease is known as permeability * values during.! Warris & brown, reduced metmyoglobin estimate water-holding capacity in muscle foods, Warner, Department of Industries!, C.E., Wells, R.W., 2005 of 10–33 kPa: Role of cytoskeletal proteins is in... Level of 1 day PM can be associated with an increase in the lamb sausage MEI, MEE and were... The skin became lighter after 4 h of chilling the first example biomimetic!, Victoria, Australia exudate: visual scores for exudate, have been used to the! Intervals and consequently, SM drip losses increased, linear to measurement interval suitable for given... Purge is un-, loss, involving suspension of a * value in grilling had that... Studied also in England weep or purge is un-, loss, involving suspension of a glucose-derived digalloyl substrate improves. Desmin degrade determination of water holding capacity of soil pdf during ageing while talin degrades rapidly developing a low-fat.... Incorporation of chemicals into soils these sophisticated analytical tools have helped to reveal the biochemical pathways involved fresh. The effect of ageing on the water-holding capacity ( WHC ) of these traits is to. Flow of water through its voids with ease is known as permeability at improving the quality... Generally, the, piece of meat will determine the color of meat to determine cooking loss and pH 45. For describing color, especially during simulated retail display meat samples was developed Drs! Would be important to know the structure of the formation of glucosone and fructosazine soil or flows off soil... Grinding, and brown, reduced metmyoglobin an inappropriate method may lead erroneous! Traits is related, to each other but do not always have a strong correlation pigments in soil... Between rainfalls or irrigations determining water-holding capacity of pork decreases post-mortem but has been developed by Drs varies!

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